Men dressed as policemen rob a family that arrived from the United States through the Cibao airport

Some seven people were stripped of their belongings by several armed men, dressed as policemen, minutes after arriving in the country from the United States, through the Cibao Airport.

The robbery occurred in the early hours of this Sunday.moment of the seven passengers, influencing children, were heading from the Cibao International Airport to the community of Cutupú, in La Vega.

the dominicans were intercepted in the Manga Larga communitynear La Vega, stripping them of 10 suitcases, 15 thousand dollars, all their clothes and cell phones.

Danilo Abreu, one of the robbers, who had not come to the country for 10 years, expressed his indignation at what had happened.

Abreu explained that four men, dressed as policemen, aboard a jeep brand Ford Runner, they were held at gunpoint and forced to hand over all their belongings.

He explained that of the seven people who were robbed, four of them came from the United States, the other three went to look for them at the air terminal in Santiago.

The travelers said that they quickly went to file a complaint with the La Vega police station and nobody attended to them, according to them, it was not until 4 hours later that they paid attention to them.

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