Mendoza prepares to receive the Federal Chefs Tournament

Teams from all over the country are preparing to participate in the 7th edition of the Federal Chefs Tournament, organized by the Federation of Hotel and Gastronomic Businesses of the Argentine Republic (FEHGRA). This time, the event will be held in Mendoza, the first time that it has taken place in the interior of the country.

During November 8 and 9, the 17 teams previously selected in the qualifying round will compete live for 120 minutes. Each team, composed of a chef and an assistant, must prepare an “Earth Product” and a “Water Product”, both to be created entirely on the day of the competition.

A jury composed of renowned chefs and experts will evaluate criteria such as originality, presentation, preparation methods and use of regional products. The winning team will receive a professional oven, and the chef will be able to visit the company’s facilities in Germany.

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The Federal Chefs Tournament focuses on promoting Argentine gastronomy and encouraging professional improvement in the culinary field. It is targeted at Argentinian professional chefs with at least five years of experience and affiliated with Fehgra or AHT.

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