Mental disorders are not limited to any biological factor: experts – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

today morning, Owner Enrique Tapia, psychologist at the Chihuahuan Institute of Mental Healthprovides Talk “Suicide Risk Management”To Faculty and students of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UACHwhere he said Mental Disorders like depression, They are not limited to biological subjects And they need more than medicine.

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He expressed that although there are symptoms that a person is in a depressive state, it is common that it is not taken with the seriousness it requires, that is, the risk is not measured.

Signs of Red flags indicating suicidal behavior are loss of interest in things that once matteredLike going out with friends or playing sports.

The most common feelings presented by a person at risk of owner suicide were highlighted, such as Violent behavior, anxiety or irritability.

What does a person do: “Getting rid of the properties to which he was attached on many occasions and often becoming lonely, this is social isolation.”

He also noted that in some scenarios, one may fall into the mistake of thinking that the drug “makes” depression or suicidal risk disappear, which is incorrect.

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“Medicine is credited with prevention strategies, however, so this cannot be simplified to a biological factor.”

He said that apart from the biological factor, which can be treated with medicine, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the person who may have persistent symptoms.

In this context, he pointed out that one of the myths about suicide prevention is that if the subject is “brought to light”, it is talked about, i.e. it is exposed publicly or its If talked about, it can increase the chances. That person receives help, but does not avoid it.

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