Mental wellness tips to kick off 2023

After the Covid-19 pandemic and a year of recovery, it is necessary to monitor the mental well-being of the people of Trujillo.

COVID-19 and isolation brought an increase in mental health problems around the world, indicates the World Health Organization (WHO), which mentions that the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by 25% in the first year of the pandemic, due to constant confinement and deprivation of liberty.

For this reason, the arrival of the year 2023 is seen by many people as a way to advance to the next stage in life, an opportunity to commit and set new goals.

“It is important to know what our goals are in the short and long term. Also know our limits to be able to draw up realistic plans and that they give us satisfaction in the short, medium and long term”, indicates the Lic. Luciana Huamachumo, psychologist at the San Pablo Clinic in Trujillo. Likewise, the specialist recommends avoiding comparisons with other people, since each one advances at her own pace.

“It is advisable to spend a pleasant New Year, with quiet meetings, among family members or trusted friends. Furthermore, it indicates that If you have been diagnosed with any symptoms of anxiety or depression, it is better to avoid excessive alcoholic beverages. This is because it can aggravate the case” – pointed out the lawyer.

If the family is going through a loss, it is highly recommended to have the advice of a mental health expert, who allows channeling emotions and provides the necessary tools to reach a state of calm and acceptance.

“The festivities can be very difficult in some cases, because the pandemic meant a break in the psyche of many people. Now that, with vaccines, we are managing to defeat COVID-19, there is an atmosphere of hope to resume life in the new normality. This is favorable for improving emotional well-being at a family and personal level” – highlighted the specialist.

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