Mercadona’s new salicylic acid discs, tested by a dermatologist: his opinion

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Having oily skin is a constant source of frustration., especially if you’re one of those who suffer from acne – since the two are related and oily skin is prone to it, one doesn’t always have to go hand in hand with the other. On the one hand, as we said, for imperfections and shine arising from that oily skin, but also from We need to try any product that promises to help us To solve it.

We know that this is something that also happens, for example, in dry skin, but it seems that in oily skin the effect is even greater. Any new product that appears and includes Key active ingredients that help balance oily skin, such as He Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide or Retinol, automatically attracts our attention. Something that’s a double-edged sword, though We may know about great products, as well as wasteful ones,

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That’s why when it comes to buying new products, we try to better filter what we buy and what we don’t, Carefully analyzing ingredients, concentrations, and other characteristics Suitable. This is exactly what today, hand in hand Dr. Lear Barutia, Aesthetic Dermatologist And broadcasters on social networks, we are going to work with the latest news Mercadona:some disk Infused with salicylic acid that promises to be very viral,

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Mercadona’s novelty for oily skin, tested by a dermatologist

It is an innovation in its category oil freeIts line is designed for oily skin, with exfoliating discs with salicylic acid, which, according to the brand, “Treatment to tone the skin, control sebum production and reduce pimples and blemishes. Apart from this, it also includes reducing the size of pores and preventing them from clogging.,


Starting from that premise, Dr. Lear Barutia explains that they are discs “Designed to be used as a first step after cleaning“. Analyzing its structure, Barutya identifies several main properties:

  • salicylic acid, a beta hydroxide that “exfoliates and deeply cleanses pores, improving the appearance of oily skin, blemishes and clogged pores.” Of course, she imposes a caveat and that is that the concentration in the formula is not well known because it is not specified.
  • zincWhich controls sebum and is suitable for oily skin.

Courtesy of Mercadona.

“Disadvantages” of this product for dermatologists.

a major “But“That’s Dr. Lear for Barootia.”It does not contain alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid or mandelic acid, which would help the salicylic acid work more“. Another thief? He carries FragranceSomething that dermatologists don’t like at all because “it doesn’t make it interesting for sensitive skin.”

Of course, this indicates that they have a very affordable price: A box of 50 discs costs 4.50 euros.

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