Mercato: the club sends a strong message for Cristiano Ronaldo!

Zapping Goal! soccer club OM: the list of humiliations in the Coupe de France

Wishing to leave Manchester United for a club competing in the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo (37) makes some OM supporters fantasize, who noted that the Marseille club met a few criteria for the five-time Ballon d’Or.

For many Twittos, the dream is possible and a hashtag #RonaldOM was even born on Twitter to encourage the arrival of CR7 on the Canebière. This request would have reached the ears of Pablo Longoria and Javier Ribalta, who preferred to “smile” at the rumor.

Despite this clear position, the Italian journalist Niccolo Ceccarini assured that the president of OM had recently established contact with Jorge Mendes! Tired of this ludicrous situation, the management of OM contacted Florent Germain (RMC Sport) to affirm that the Marseille club had “no intention” of recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo. End of fantasy?

to summarize

Aware that the soap opera Cristiano Ronaldo is setting Marseille fans ablaze, OM management has come out of silence to send a very clear message by the end of the summer transfer window: CR7 will not come to Marseille.

Bastien Aubert

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