Mercedes Moran: “Playing a woman with Parkinson’s was very difficult”

Netflix Saying goodbye to the year has begun with the premiere of Elena knowsThe long-awaited national film, based on one of Claudia Pinero’s novels most celebrated by critics and readers, in a film in which actress Mercedes Moran takes on the difficult task of playing the role of a woman with Parkinson’s who answers mysterious questions. Seeks answers to. Death of his daughter. The story, directed by Anahi Berneri, and with a luxury cast including Erica Rivas and Marcos Montes, will have a limited release in theaters starting this Thursday, before arriving on streaming platforms on November 24.

It’s been a year of successes and premieres for Moran, starting with the second season EmpireHe continued dramatic and tango comedy. the dance beginsand ends with the premiere of Rule -His debut as a screenwriter in a film by Santiago Giralt- and Elena knowsOne of the local highlights Netflix Presented at the 38th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. in conversation with Pierce the veilThe actress details her new challenge and her life of crimes in the profession.

-Have you read the novel? Elena knows,

Yes, the novel influenced me a lot. But I read it without any imagination that it could become a movie, and when Vanessa Ragone invited me I liked the possibility of getting involved because I already knew the story and the characters, finding it extremely challenging and difficult to create. It was difficult. Also, I really wanted to work with Anahi Berneri for a long time. This is a very good and particularly complex novel to translate to film, and the script that was worked on to adapt it was very successful.

– This is not the first time you have worked on a film based on a novel by Claudia Piñeiro. What attracts you to his stories?

The first thing I did in the cinema was with Claudia Betiboo And I also went through a similar process. I’m a reader of his novels because I really like the police genre and I find his approach to it fascinating. There aren’t many female writers who devote themselves to crime and do it so well. When I made the film we met and immediately there was a lot of sympathy between us, we became friends. We share many things in common beyond the two movies and series that brought us together Empire, with scripts written by him and Marcelo Piñero. I love him very much.

– In Elena knows It’s impressive to see you as a woman with Parkinson’s. What is the process of inserting yourself into the body of a woman suffering from this disease?

Playing the character of a woman suffering from Parkinson’s was a very difficult task. We started in a very technical way, figuring out how the disease affected behavior, consulting experts and observing some patients. I knew very little about Parkinson’s, it had more to do with tremors than anything else. I was very surprised when I found out about this other type of Parkinson’s, this is a more severe type, which makes you heavily dependent on medications to function. It’s terrible because if you don’t take them, you can’t walk or get up.

Once we became clear about it, we worked to express the stigma that affects people living with this disease, it is so brutal. The character had to be created from the outside with the way he walked, his behavior and his limited field of vision, with the carelessness visible in his appearance. It was an amazing exercise as an actress and a person, to be able to go through that pain and feel a lot of empathy for that woman who, whether it was wrong or not, had to rebuild her life in a brilliant way.

– Did this character “impact” you physically and emotionally?

Although it is true that you commit yourself emotionally and go through certain areas, it occurs to me that there is always something playful when I act. On a physical level, spending so many hours (12 per day) for seven weeks with a certain physical behavior led to some “consequences” that I’m still dealing with.

– I imagine Netflix A good kinesiologist paid you

(laughing) Yes, absolutely! During filming I had an expert who taught me how to do exercises to cope with the situations I had to be in. Physically it was tough and complicated, but I really enjoyed going through those situations and immersing myself. It made me understand a lot of things and it was a great experience to get a little better.

– Protagonist Rita must face her personal demons while trying to solve the reason behind her daughter’s death. Did this introspective path make you think about your fears?

Yes, deep down we are all full of questions and work challenges. In this aspect, what is interesting beyond the illness is the dynamics of this mother-daughter relationship, which arouses so much sympathy in the public. In the film’s flashbacks you can already see that the bond between them is far from ideal and very dysfunctional. Other questions that arose in my mind revolved around taking care of parents, being your mother, which is a task that many people have to do and sometimes it is more than they think. It becomes much more difficult than that. I think the issue of fear touches me more deeply on the subject of the mother-daughter relationship and how sometimes, despite having good intentions, we mess up.

– Was motherhood always present in your personal desire?

It is something that whether understood or not, motherhood is almost a perspective beyond biology. I always wanted to have daughters, so the desire for motherhood manifested in me and I became a mother at a very early age: at the age of 19 and 20, and again after 20 years. Although in all three cases he was chosen, clearly on the third occasion, at the age of 40, the level of consciousness was much higher than when I was a girl of 20. On the other hand, I come across people who do not want to carry out such missions due to maternal reasons. You don’t have to follow orders, you always have to listen to wishes.

act and live to violate

– In RuleThere is a sense of dedication towards the elderly since your debut as a screenwriter. Do you think this is an audience that audiovisual productions do not regularly address?

Now things have slowly started changing. There is a rise of female directors, writers and screenwriters in cinema and literature who tell their own stories, and there is a great need to talk about universes like the Elders. In the case of Norma, I explicitly address themes and characters that I know…the protagonist is a woman my age.

There is some curiosity that connects Rule with Elena knowsDespite the films being extremes, one common thread is this: in both cases the characters are adult women who have followed the rules and all the orders, and are not happy. Therefore, crises allow them to overthrow some prejudices, even if it is not a voluntary matter. It’s fantastic that the stories of women aged 50 to 70 can be told with such complex topics.

– In an interview you said that a television producer told you that “with your nose you were never going to act.” You decided not to have surgery. If that person was in front of you, what would you say to him?

Nothing needs to be said as I remember the man fondly despite his unfortunate phrase. He is no longer with us, but I think if he were, he would be wise enough to realize that things were not like that. One is always a product of one’s time, one cannot always violate or recreate the norms. Luckily everything changes all the time and that gives us the opportunity to keep learning.

– Would you like to direct films?

This perspective that I had Rule From the script, which was a different way for me to look at a film, it made me realize that perhaps the offers that have been made to me many times and that I have never felt in a position to accept are very far from my possibilities. Not there. Anyway, I don’t think of myself as a director, I keep reading the projects I am in as an actress.

– Do you chase any carrots in your profession?

No, the only thing I want is for the next role to give me a lot of desires, to awaken my imagination, to force me to go into areas where I have not been before so that I conquer some part of myself. I have not yet found out how to achieve what I have done. What I can say is that I really want to do theatre, do comedy. I want to hear people laughing. There is a very good project for which we are completing the rehearsals.

– Last. On Sunday, Argentina’s direction for the next 4 years will be defined. What do you think about the elections and what do you want the future of the country to be?

I am very worried, I am very afraid of the alternative that Miley has proposed and the candidacy of Victoria Villarruel for the post of Vice President seems disastrous to me. I want to believe that society will vote with memory. It is democracy or not democracy, it does not happen any other way. I am very happy, I love my country very much, I have never imagined living anywhere else in my life, I think I can’t do it. There are some extraordinary things in Argentina that I feel very proud of and some that I am not so proud of, but I want to believe that those good things are in the majority and that we can get off this cliff in front of us So that you don’t fall.

  • Elena knows And Rule These can be seen in theatres. Later, both films were added to the catalog Netflix,

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