Merck Presents Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment

Meeting of Begoña Colmenero, Marta Villanueva, Lucía González Cortijo and Fernando Mugarza.

Breast cancer is the most common tumor in women and it is anticipated that 1 in 8 women in the western world will be diagnosed of this cancer. Carrying out a multidisciplinary approach and a correct classification of the subtypes of this tumor, given the implication that both have in terms of survival, is key. This was revealed in the last session of the Innovation Committee of the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS Foundation) and MSD. In this meeting with members of the IDIS board of trustees, Mª Jose Vaquerizodirector of the MSD gynecological and breast tumor franchise in Spain, and Lucia Gonzalezhead of the Medical Oncology service at the Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital have highlighted the need for further research and bet on personalized medicine, treatments and prevention strategies and early diagnosis to help increase survival in patients.

After a brief introduction by Mª José Vaquerizo, Lucía González, gave a presentation in which showed progress to throughout history in the treatment of breast cancer. In this line, he explained how the single approach with invasive surgery on the breast tumor has gone, going through conservative surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, to hormone therapy and immunotherapy, which have become fundamental options for the individualization of treatment. of breast cancer. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of growing number of clinical trials in cancer, as the main area of ​​clinical research.

Martha Villanuevageneral director of the IDIS Foundation, closed the session stating that “the diagnosis breast cancer It usually has a great impact on a personal, work and family level. For that reason, it is essential to increase knowledge about the disease and its possibilities of cure, the existing treatments and prevention tools to be able to detect cases in early phases. And, above all, support research, as an essential pillar to improve survival rates and quality of life in all cancers, but especially in those with the worst prognosis”.

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