Merlina already has a release date on Netflix

Netflix has been taking risks with potential franchises for some time to safeguard its future and its position in the war between streaming platforms. Between movies that can generate many sequels and spin-offs, and adaptations of comics and books destined to capture the attention of fans for years, this season also brings a very peculiar series that works both as a reboot and as a spin-off. wednesday It is one of the most anticipated titles on the platform and the association with Tim Burton is enough to generate very high expectations. After many rumors and uncertainty, the company finally confirms its release date.

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Los Locos Addams began as a comic that became really popular in the United States, but it was not until its adaptation as a series, and then as a film, that it reached other parts of the world with similar success. Most people associate Christina Ricci, Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia as family thanks to Los Locos Addams and Los Locos Addams II – 78%, but with so much time since the arrival of these tapes, a reboot was a very obvious step. A couple of animated installments have been released in recent years, but bringing them back in a live action project causes more excitement.

With this in mind, wednesday It became a very interesting proposition. As the name implies, the series will focus on the only daughter, here played by Jenna Ortega, but we will see the rest of the Addams and their dynamic, so strange, but at the same time familiar. After much mystery, Netflix began to reveal some details, including a first preview to see the actress already characterized, and little by little it has caught the attention of the public, who want to see the contributions of Tim Burton to this world.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, creators of Smallville, were responsible for working on this new version and promise a perfect mix between teen drama and horror story. The series begins when Wednesday is expelled from her old school for attacking a group of boys who are bothering her younger brother. The young woman ends up at Nevermore Academy, where a series of murders and revelations will change her life and her relationship with her parents. Through a new official image, Netflix finally confirms that the series will be available from next November 23.

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The series was announced a couple of years ago, but teasers began in 2021 when producers approached Burton about reading the script for the pilot. The director was quite moved and committed to the cause, which he gave to wednesday a new position among the titles in the Netflix catalog. Despite the pandemic, the filming was carried out successfully and the company put some pressure to finish it on time. The series was expected to be ready for October, taking advantage of the Halloween mood, but other rumors assured that it would not arrive until December.

In the end, his arrival in November is not bad at all. Although it is still a long way from the premiere, and it is not so close to Halloween, the style of wednesday in any case, you can take very good advantage of the atmosphere of autumn and of all those who love Burton’s work at any time of the year. The series will have 8 episodes and if all goes well Netflix will surely ask for more seasons.

Despite the excitement of the majority, wednesday It has not been free of anticipated criticism and prejudice. The dream of many was to see Eva Green and Johnny Depp as the heads of the family, but in the end the work was left in the hands of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán, who was strongly attacked on social networks for his appearance and character, despite actually being similar to the Gomez from the original comics. The first trailers look promising, so if the story is handled well there is no doubt that it will be a success that you can easily ignore these complaints that some have. In addition, the project will bring back Christina Riccialthough we still don’t know his role, in what is a clear offer for viewers who grew up with his version of the character.

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