‘Merlina’, ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Pokémon’ and the most amazing cakes made by a Mexican pastry chef

Delicious creations are those achieved by a pastry chef with great ability to replicate the characters from ‘Merlina’, ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Pokémon’. Each of the cakes that you will see below is made with Mexican hands.

Pedro Sequera He is a pastry chef with a great passion for his work, and it is that it elevates its pieces to another level, modeling with great accuracy the characters of the most famous series and movies. Next, we introduce you to merlin, dragonball, Pokemon and other characters made exclusively of fondant.

A birthday cake will always make you smile on that special day, especially when you are surprised with a themed cake. Thanks to the creativity of this Mexican pastry chef, the followers of Pirates of the Caribbean, Coconut, merlin, dragonball Y Pokemon they will be happy to receive a sweet surprise.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’


The story in which we met Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) captivated young and old, of course we are talking about Pirates of the Caribbean, which, now, no longer remained just a film taste, but was taken to the kitchen and for be the inspiration for a great cake.



The Day of the Dead movie, Disney Pixar’s Coco, was a super success when it came out, many objects have been replicated, but nothing like this cake with Miguel’s whole family. Surely no one wanted to eat it after seeing the perfection in each character.



Merlina continues to cause such a furore on Netflix that there is even a themed cake for this gloomy teenager. We are sure that the celebrated must be a super fan of Los locos Addams or at least of Jenna Ortega.

‘Dragon Ball’


Dragon Ball Z continues to captivate fans of the television series like the first day, so much so that the now not so young continue to proclaim their taste for manga through collectibles such as figures, posters and something a bit sweeter, yes, a cake. Here we leave you the image.



Pikachu and all of his fellow ghost Pokémon were hand modeled out of fondant. This Gengar cake sculpture is a work of art, and whoever dares to say otherwise will not get their slice.

Think twice before making your request, because if you request your Pokémon characters or your Merlina from Los locos Addams, we are sure that you will not even want to touch them because they are so charming.

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