Meryl Streep in Places, Please, Michael Cristofer’s homage to Broadway


Meryl Streep will be the protagonist of Places, Please, drama film directed by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winners Michael Cristofer.

Meryl Streep in Places, Please

The film, whose screenplay is by Elisabeth Seldes Annacone, it’s a love letter to Broadway, where it is Streep that Cristofer they started their career. In an interview, which the two have released, they describe their beginning together in a play on Broadway de The cherry garden from Chekhov, which appears in the film.

Here to see the trailer for The prom, film starring Meryl Streep and… the theater

Places, Please will shoot in New York this summer and will be presented to buyers for the virtual market in Berlin, with CAA Media Finance dealing with national distribution rights e Filmnation of international sales. There Streep, Steven Rogers (I, Tonya) And Jane Rosenthal (The Irishman) will produce. Berry Welsh he will be executive producer.

Who will Meryl Streep in Places, Please

In the film, the Streep will interpret Lillian Hall, an actress synonymous with Broadway. Throughout his long and illustrious career, he has never missed a show, for any reason. Yet in the trials leading up to her next Broadway production, her confidence is tested by people and events conspiring against her. Suddenly, Hall she is forced to deal with the past and the price it has paid for the choices she has made in her life and in her art.

Some statements

Michael Cristofer he said about the idea of ​​the film: “I was sent this original script last November, and it felt like a good time. It’s the world I came from when I was 14, 15, 16. I wanted to create something for people who do theater, especially now, when theaters are closed all over the world. It triggers something emotional about the past, the present and the people who make art and give their lives to make something so beautiful. And what I saw there went beyond the theater. Here we talk about how theater reflects life, and all those who struggle to keep doing what they do in the face of any obstacle.

The script is a love letter to people struggling to survive. Curiously in the story of the film, there is an actress who is struggling to open a production of a play which is The Cherry Garden by Chekhov. In 1977, Meryl and I were both in a production of that play on Broadway. So while I was working on the script, I kept thinking about sending him to Meryl. ”

Also Meryl Streep she spoke about the story: “I loved it and thought about that production of The Cherry Garden. It was at the Vivian Beaumont and had the great as its protagonist Irene Worth. At that time the theater was dominated by women who gave everything to their art, like Geraldine Page, Zoe Caldwell And Maggie Smith, Vanessa Redgrave. People who, with great sacrifice for themselves, dedicated themselves to this impossible thing. For me, that production was a real starting point. Robert De Niro was in the audience that evening. He saw me and hired me for The Hunter. And I left the theater from there, for a lot of different reasons. Mainly, to have many children ”.


A reflection on current events

From these memories, they both wanted to make a generic reflection on the world of entertainment and on the differences between cinema and theater.

There Streep, for example, she said she was nostalgic for the emotions that the theater gives, uniting all the actors of the same group for a certain period, differently from cinema. The latter, on a personal level, takes less time than theater tours for which an actor is forced to be away from home much longer and much longer. “Now then, with the challenge to which covid subjects us, people are isolated from each other and this feeling is even more evident”.

Also Cristofer wanted to have his say about the current situation: “This was worse than a meteor in a way, because we’re here and we can’t do what we want to do. It must also be said, however, that the pandemic had a lot to do with the formation of this film. I went through the day thinking I couldn’t do a show anymore ”.

An encouraging film for the film industry

Will a film that is a love letter to the cinema be able to help everyone a bit?

According to Cristofer the answer is yes: “It’s scary, but I think the passion for theater is strong enough and it will survive in the end. At the time of Shakespeare theaters were often closed, then reopened and closed. The theater is back and I have to believe it will do it again ”.

But also the Streep seems to be confident: “Maybe what will happen is that, initially, the audience will change. It has been largely supported by older people, but I think there is such an appetite on the part of young people to go out, experience things and see the theater, not on their screens … People are dying to go out and this could be the way it transforms for a while, until it’s safe again for older people to go “.


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