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Paula Durán’s fight against stomach and brain cancer does not stop, as well as his intention to meet with his relatives soon. The woman, who was diagnosed at the end of November while pregnant with her third child, was given a month to live.

Duran remains in California, United States, where she migrated last year with her husband, Sergio Vega, and their two daughters. There she underwent a cesarean section to extract the baby from her at week 34 of gestation and later be able to extract a part of the tumor in her brain.

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Given the impossibility of traveling to Colombia, since his serious medical condition does not allow it, the 27-year-old girl and her husband started a campaign on social networks for the governments of Colombia and the United States to help them obtain humanitarian visas for his parents, who are in Huila.

Thousands of Internet users joined his request, managing to attract the attention of the authorities. Through an official statement, The Foreign Ministry confirmed in the last hours that the application for a humanitarian visa for the relatives of Paula Durán has already been filed.

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“The Ministry of Foreign Relations reports that, since it learned of the case of the Vega Durán family and on direct instructions from Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán, it has been in permanent contact with Mr. Sergio Vega, who has been provided with the necessary accompaniment. through the Directorate of Consular Affairs,” said the entity.

And he added: “In accordance with the humanitarian assistance provided in these cases, the Colombian Foreign Ministry has already filed with the United States Embassy in our country the request for a humanitarian visa for the relatives of Paula Andrea Durán.”

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Paula’s message to Biden

Although the request for humanitarian visas has already been made by the Foreign Ministry, it is the US government that has the last word in this case, so Paula spoke for the first time in front of a camera since her situation became media and she did it directly to President Joe Biden.

“Hello, Mr. President. I want to ask you to please move my parents and my in-laws to the United States so I can be with their support. Thank you very much,” said Paula in the recording that her husband shared on Instagram.

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