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The rout of Manchester City against Real Madrid made the entire football world react. So much so that even Lionel Messi would have hallucinated in front of the Madrid comeback. More

Messi hallucinates in full stream of Sergio Aguero

For some time, Sergio Agüero has been meeting many fans in streaming to talk about football. And yesterday, while Real Madrid looked badly embarked against Manchester City, the Kun could not help but react following this mini-recovery. And he wasn’t the only one! In the company of Carlos Tévez, the two Argentine attackers commented on the semi-final second leg of the Champions League in streaming for ESPN.

And at the end of regulation time, Sergio Agüero tells Carlos Tévez that he sent a message to Lionel Messi to warn him that Real Madrid had come up behind in the space of a few minutes. Tévez laughs and then asks him what the Pulga answered. To which Agüero then responds: “ Stop messing around, it’s not possible ». Messi’s surprise is not surprising.

Real, enemy of the heart?

Already eliminated by Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi also did not appreciate Real Madrid’s fantastic comeback against Manchester City. We can also believe that he did not appreciate the quarter-finals against Chelsea, again won at the very last minute.

Since his arrival at PSG, Messi is no longer the same.  (Icon Sports)
Since his arrival at PSG, Messi is no longer the same. (Icon Sports)

After 20 years at Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi has not lost his heart rivalry with Real Madrid on the pretext that he no longer plays in Catalonia. Quite the contrary. And his surprise during the live of Sergio Agüero and Carlos Tévez is understandable. Besides, his affection for Pep Guardiola also earns him a double cleaver. Maybe the Pulga will be able to get their revenge next season.

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