Messi raised a false World Cup: the revelation that shakes Argentina

Lionel Messi He met justice at the World Cup in Qatar. The ’10’ of the Argentine National Team, after an eternal list of frustrations with the albiceleste shirt, finally got the most precious loot to which every player aspires: the World Cup.

At that moment in which Messi touched the trophy on December 18, after being the key man in the match against France, all the criticism that the French press had made throughout the year for his performance at PSG faded. The memory also escaped that this had been the first season in which he did not appear nominated for the Ballon d’Or in the last 17 years. The few seconds in paradise exceeded the months on earth, and Messi became eternal.

What is known now, just over two weeks after the point of no return, is that in the most iconic photos of his celebration, those in which he is hoisted on the shoulders of his teammates while lifting the trophy in the Olympic Tour, are set by a peculiarity: the Cup that Messi has in his hands, the one that he does not stop lifting and kissing, is false.

Messi lifting the World Cup is the photo of an athlete with the most ‘likes’ on Instagram. Photo: EFE

‘The false Messi Cup’

The Argentine photographer Fernando de la Orden was in charge of unveiling the mystery.
Through his Instagram account, de la Orden shared an image in which Ángel Di María is seen showing the base of the Cup to a smiling Lionel Messi, in the middle of the Olympic Tour.

Without further ado, the scene between the footballers was that of one telling the other that he was raising a fake cup.

As the photojournalist was able to verify, the trophy Messi had in his hands was a replica made by a couple from Buenos Aires, Manuel Zaro and Paula Zuzulich. The two of them, Zaro and Zululich, entered the replica in the final match. And, in the midst of the uproar of the celebration, his trophy fell onto the pitch.

Well, the ‘pirate’ cup entered the field three times and came out with the autographs of several Argentine players. In addition, it was the center of hundreds of audiovisual records of the three-time Argentine championship. Among them, the one that Messi put on the cover of the publication with the most ‘likes’ in the history of Instagram.

Before the World Cup we contacted people who are dedicated to making glasses and it took them six months to make it. It has the weight of the original, it is made with resin and quartz inside and bathed with a gold-like paint. There are some details, marks and reliefs that are not similar, but the difference is minimal”, the couple told the Argentine newspaper ‘Clarín’, about the success of their replica.

According to the journalist Andrés Burgo, also an Argentine, in ‘El País’, from Spain, the story of what happened was initially celebrated, but “other fans, on the other hand, attacked the couple, who closed their networks and did not return to have a public appearance”.


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