Messi regrets the ‘go there silly’ Halftime

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Lionel Messi had a World Cup like no other in Qatar 2022. The Argentine striker lifted the title he always wanted, scored great goals and also starred in some controversial before the combination of countries Underyes. All of this, in a single tournament that had an entire country celebrating for several months.

Nevertheless, Messiwho now sees everything colder, assures that he did not like what he did against the Netherlandssuch as celebrating in van Gaal’s face or telling Weghorst “go there, you fool” in the mixed zone.

“I knew everything they had said before the game, what he (van Gaal) had said. Even some of my teammates told me ‘you saw what he said, he said it on purpose’. When all that is over, I don’t like what I did, I don’t like the ‘go there’ and all that. But hey, these are moments of great tension, a lot of nervousness and everything happens very quickly. One reacts as one reacts, but nothing was planned. It was giving I don’t like to leave that imagebut they are things that also happen”, commented in an interview for Andy Kusnetzoff of urban play.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the world was one of the thorns that he was finally able to get out, since on multiple occasions the Argentine fans demanded that he win a title with the Albiceleste, which he has already led to the Copa América and the World Cup.

“It’s spectacular. Since we won the World Cup, everything has changed for me and for the whole world. It was something impressive. Now we can say that we are world champions. Luckily, now it was given what we dreamed so muchwhat I had wanted so much during my entire career and, well, it came almost to the end”, declared Messi to begin his statements.

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