Messi to relegate Maradona and another Argentinian legend to the shadows

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Revered in Argentina, Lionel Messi remains a notch below Diego Maradona, who was completely entitled to a religion in his name and to national mourning on the day of his death. More charismatic, more politically committed, more volcanic, more Argentinian, quite simply, the Diez also had the great merit of winning the second Albiceleste World Cup all on his own in 1986. Maybe Lionel Messi can do the same at the end of the year in Qatar. But while waiting to win the grail, La Pulga will break several records just during the pool round, two of which belong to his illustrious compatriot.

The first of them is the number of matches played by an Argentinian at the World Cup. Maradona stopped at 21, Messi is at 19. If he goes to the semi-finals, he can equal the absolute record holder, Lothar MatthaΓΌs (25). Ditto for the captaincy of an Argentine. Maradona is ahead with 16, Messi is 12. In terms of goals, Gabriel Batistuta is ahead with 10. Lionel Messi, who will join the very closed circle of players at five World Cups with Cristiano Ronaldo, is four lengths behind. But there is no doubt that the former Barcelonan would exchange all his potential records in exchange for the supreme title!

to summarize

Barring an injury, Lionel Messi will take part in the World Cup in Qatar. And he should break many records there, two of which belong to Diego Maradona and another to Gabriel Batistuta. He will also join the legend with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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