”Messi was not fundamental in the World Cup; Dibu was the most decisive and Di María the most important in attack”


a month ago Leo Messi finally he was able to get the title he most wanted: the World Cup. The Argentine star played a spectacular World Cup, being awarded as the best player of the tournament and was the second top scorer with seven goals, behind kylian mbappe (8).

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Except for the first game against Saudi Arabia, Messi He was key in the rest to become world champion, but there are those who have a different point of view and assure that the ’10’ was not essential for the Albiceleste.

Hugo Orlando Gatti, better known as ‘El Loco’, downplayed the role of Messi in the Argentine team during the World Cup and assured that Emiliano Martinez was the most important.

The 78-year-old exporter, who works for El Chiringuito, sparked controversy and pointed out that in attack say mary carried more danger than I read.

For 'Crazy' Gatti, Emiliano Martínez was more decisive in the World Cup than Messi.

“Who was more important? The goalkeeper covered the fundamental ball. He won it on penalties. I’m saying who was the most important, not who is the best. The most decisive player was the goalkeeper,” he started him saying.

“Argentina was better than France, but if they lost it at the last second they were going to say that Messi was cold-chested, that Maradona was this… And the guy who saved all that was the goalkeeper,” he added. Gatti.

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“Martínez was more important than Messi, without a doubt. The definitive soccer player was Dibu, when Argentina was on the precipice, he appeared. The most important footballer in attack in Argentina was Di María. Nobody knows anything. He is the one who overflows, the one who plays for Messi, runs, does everything. I do not detract from Messi, I say what I see of Messi. For me he was not essential, the team was essential,” he said.

Gatti He commented that ”Argentina is a team psyched up to win, fast, with a fast midfield. And also, Argentina was local, more local than if I played in Argentina and all that has to do with it”.

To close, he emphasized that “I want to clarify that I like Messi, but he doesn’t drive me crazy, how can I not like him, but he plays in this football with VAR, that there is no kick, this football today is not football ”.

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