“Messi won, maybe that makes you angry and it hurts you that Argentina have won a World Cup”

Sergio Agüero, who was almost like player 27 of the world champion Argentina team, came out to answer Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s criticism of the albiceleste team for his “lack of respect”: “To talk about their bad behavior, you are the least indicated “.

El Kun, who is very popular on social networks, used a live in twitch to give his opinion on the statements of the Swedish striker, who predicted that without Lionel Messi, the rest of the group “will not win anything else”.

“Before saying that, it’s better to say that you’d rather see France win, rather than talk about the others being bad.”

“You say it as a high-level professional, but let’s remember that playing, you also behaved badly. Do not spit up, if you are going to fall.”

“Let’s remember that on the court you have bad behaviors, some ironing, some pineapple that I remember, in Los Angeles Galaxy, for you that is behaving well or badly?”

“I remember that we played with Manchester City against United and you also went in a play, you answered.”

“To talk about that they behaved badly, you are the least indicated. You are not right. In the end it is your opinion.”

“It seems to me that it is very rude to say that we are not going to win more. Before you worry about Argentina, worry about your country. They didn’t even qualify.”

“I think, as you also think. Messi won, maybe that makes you angry. Perhaps it hurts you to admit that he is the best in the world and that Argentina has won a World Cup.”

This is football, sometimes you play well, sometimes you win by being a rascal. Weird because he’s quite a fighting player, right?”

“You are a good player, I do not dispute it, but you are a fighter. You also fought with Otamendi, you argued with Pep, for something later he wanted to sell you from Barcelona. To talk about how Argentina behaved badly, you first have to see if you behaved well in your career.”

“I feel that you threw “cacona” at me, and I throw “cacona” at you. We are world champions, Messi is the best and you stayed watching how the players who behaved badly lifted the Cup. I’m sorry Zlatan, you want to kill yourself”, closed a proud Kun.



Ibrahimovic: “We are going to remember Messi, the others behaved badly”

Zlatan spoke of Argentina’s consecration in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and criticized the behavior of the albiceleste players.

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