Messi’s impressive physical transformation on recovery appeals to fans

Leo Messi has recently resumed training at the side of the PSG. La Pulga wants to have the best possible preparation to start the new season that is coming. Especially since in addition to his club ambitions, Leo Messi also has in the back of his mind the World Cup in Qatar with Argentina. It will certainly be the last chance for Messi to lift the most beautiful of international trophies. Before that, Messi will therefore have to train as seriously as possible with PSG. We remember that last season, the seven-time Ballon d’Or had not been able to prepare as it pleased due to the pandemic but also the trips to the selection that he had to make..

As a result, his first season under the colors of Paris Saint-Germain did not go as planned. Apparently some things have already changed at Leo Messi.

Messi, a competitive physique

Leo Messi is one of the greatest talents in football history. The Argentinian has an innate talent for the Soccer who made it his strength. But he also remains a workaholic. During his last vacation, the Pulga apparently did not succumb to the temptations of parties and overly hearty meals. As you can see from photos relayed on social media, Leo Messi is in impressive physical shape. His musculature is drawn and his appearance optimal.

See instead:

Internet users react

Inevitably, Messi’s form made PSG fans react a lot.

On Twitter in particular, we could see as comments on the subject:

  • “I’m a big mytho if he doesn’t have a season with 30 goals, 20 D passes + major trophy”
  • “Galtier, he’s been here for a week, we’re already in Bayern Munich mode, sah”
  • “He’s going to break everything this year, you’ll see”
  • “He saw renois bien mafé bien thieb in league 1 he said to himself that he will do the same lol”
  • “20goals 20 passes for the pro season only in league 1”
  • “league 1 brawl eats you change a man”
  • “He was getting tired of eating shoulder shots on the touchline by our beefy Ligue 1 fullbacks”
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player become better by gaining muscle mass.”

Leo Messi will soon take off with his teammates for a tour of Japan.

The Argentinian will be one of the players to follow in the land of the rising sun. Also, other star players will be there, such as Neymar, Marco Verratti and Vitinha. Kylian Mbappé, who will resume training on Monday, should also be part of it. The world champion is eagerly awaited by PSG fans, eager to see him win everything in his path next season. His recent contract extension in the capital carries a lot of hope in Paris.


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