Method to avoid Marvel leaks

A great saga like Marvel, raises a lot of expectations in each project, and as we all know, the spoilers we are spoiled by the surprise and tension with which we expect to arrive at each premiere. Therefore, the franchise has focused all its efforts on take care of the fansand for obvious reasons privacy.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown exponentially in the 14 years since Robert Downey Jr started the Avengers project with Iron Man, turning them into the greatest film franchise of all time.

Nonetheless, the popularity of the MCU has come at a cost, as audiences are always eager to find out more about upcoming projects. This has created some impatience in the fans, so that they become obsessed with leaks and they spend their time researching social networks or creating theories about the same movies or series, something that Marvel Studios obviously wants to avoidr.

Avengers Age of Ultron Disney Movie
Avengers Age of Ultron Disney Movie

The leaks for some can be a consolation, since they take away the anxiety for having to know what is going to happen in a certain movie, but for others it can be horrible, since ruin the thrill seeing it in the cinema for the first time. Movies like Spider-Man or The Avengers: End Game suffered leaks of many types and key moments.

Unfortunately, the photos on the recording sets become more and more frequent, and actors who do not know how to keep secrets like Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo they do not help in keeping the secret.

An article of The Hollywood Reportermentions that the methods that the company has used are the most contracted security people, with the intention of stopping fans from taking inappropriate photos, limiting the scope of houses of VFX they use, train behind-the-scenes workers, and have them sign Confidentiality agreements.

On the big ranges, they use a room called The Black Widow Room, in honor of the character of Scarlett Johansson, who no windows, no internet access so that everything that is spoken inside does not come out.

Security measures at Marvel Studios will get better and better. Intensive work will be done to avoid the mistakes of the past and begin the saga of Avengers: Secret Wars as cautious as possible. @worldwide

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