Mexico and the disastrous habit of its fans of making a fool of themselves in World Cups

Mexico has gone through embarrassing moments in the World Cups by its fans (Photo: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Mexico has gone through embarrassing moments in the World Cups by its fans (Photo: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

The Mexico national team is a regular team in the World Cups. The party that overflows its fans it is notable in the stadiums where it plays. The cry of ‘Sí se puede’ and the waves among the tide of people are indicative of the carnival that its fans mount. All this causes a sensation abroad, although there are also other moments in which only he makes himself ridiculous. It is only necessary to make a count of the shameful facts in which a Mexican has been involved in previous World Cups.

In France 1998, Rodrigo Rafael Ortega, Originally from Zacatecas, he thought it was a good idea to put out the Eternal Flame in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, capital of the Gallic country. The fan, apparently in drunk stateurinated the torch that it was not turned off since 1920when it was inaugurated in commemoration of the death of a soldier in the Battle of Verdun.

In 2002the international fair was hosted by two first world countries and conservative cultures. The world of Korea-Japan witnessed the shameful feat from another compatriot. The follower, without pain or glory, pulled the emergency lever of the bullet train and caused its stoppage. transport users they panicked, since it was the First time in history in which the lever was used.

They did not learn from the ordeal four years later. In Germany 2006, the German government set up a bunker in Hannover during the World Cup. Mexican spectators who witnessed the game against Angola settled in the shelter. One of them, named Evaristo Madero, fell asleep in apparent drunk state. Hours later they were able to “rescue” him when woke up from his “nightmare”.

The list goes on, since in South Africa 2010in the midst of the climax of the Tricolor celebrations, a Mexican citizen put a charro hat in a statue of Nelson MandelaAfrican activist and country icon. The compatriot was arrested, as the authorities considered him a national insult.

When the World Cup was going to be played Brazil 2014, Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores, son of the then attorney general of Chiapas, jumped into the water from approximately 40 meters from the cruise ship in which he was traveling. The ship that transported passengers bound for Brazilian territory tried to rescue him without luck. The sea swallowed the body and they could never save him.

In Russia 2018the youtuber ryan hoffmanpulled out a flag Germany and trampled it, to say the least. The intoxicating drink crossing and the game in which Hirving Lozano gave victory to the Mexican team over the Germans, generated characters like Hoffman they made a fool of themselves

Now, Marcelo Ebrard, Foreign Minister of Mexico, established a center in Qatar in 2022 to avoid any type of similar situation, the Mexico Qatar Center. In addition, the chancellor will send 15 agents of the National Guard to take care of the safety of Mexicans and avoid a penalty by the attendees.


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