Mexico never has a Tesla factory World Cup mocks Flavio AzzaroHalf time

In recent days, news was released that will benefit Mexico, since Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, announced that he will make a strong investment in Nuevo Leónbecause he is going to build a mega factory in said entity.

That is why the Mexican people are excited, since more than one aspires to be part of the team that will be hired to work in one of the largest companies in the world.

Argentine journalist mocked Mexico?

The relationship between Mexican and Argentine fans has been very fractured after the Qatar 2022 World Cup. And it is that since it was known that the Tri and the Albiceleste were going to face each other in the Group Phase, the tempers warmed up and everything indicates that they continue in the same tenordespite the fact that the World Cup has already been held and the South Americans took the victory and the Cup.

That is why the Argentine journalist, Flavio Azzaro, took advantage of the situation of the Tesla factory that will be built in Mexicoto send a strong message to Mexicans, which has not been well received in our country.

“Mexicans will be able to have a Tesla factory, but they will never have a World Cup. That’s your reality.”

Who is Flavio Azzaro?

Flavio Azzaro is an Argentine journalist who Every time he gets the chance, he makes fun of Mexican soccer, which he usually looks down on.. The last time he got involved in a controversy, it was in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, where after the elimination of Tri, scoffed at his participation and also defended Gerardo Martino.

“How do you intend to compete, Mexico, if almost all your players are from the Mexican League. 15 footballers from the roster play there. whatHow are you going to do? What can you do? Is it Martino’s fault?.

The MX league is a minor competition. How are they going to blame Tata Martino? Be good to him and I don’t know load it all. Think that at least he knows what it’s like to play a fifth game in a World Cup”.

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