Mhoni Vidente predicts what would happen to Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin

The astrologer and tarot reader disclosed her predictions for the month of August and referred to the future of the world’s leaders.

Mhoni Seerthe astrologer and tarot specialist, who was born in Cuba and settled in Mexico, made a series of predictions for the remainder of August and, among other things, referred to what would happen to the president of the United States, Joe Biden , and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

The astrologer said that this month will be one of radical changes and rebellions due to political and economic issues in different parts of the planet. There will also be conflicts regarding religious and public health issues.

Mhoni Vidente shared her predictions on her YouTube channel. He there he said that August, the 8th month, “symbolizes infinity, the beginning and the end, and being the period when the Sun is closer to the Earth there is more drought, so the human being’s mood is tense”.

Joe Biden on a bicycle against Mhoni Vidente's predictions.

Joe Biden on a bicycle against Mhoni Vidente’s predictions.

The visions of Mhoni Vidente for the second part of the month of August

After pointing out the tarot cards with the predictions for August, Mhoni Vidente said that the arcana of Death and The Magician are the ones that prevail during the month.

From those letters, he visualized “a time of economic movements, violent and rebellions in various states, including religious“. According to Mhoni, August marks “the beginning of a new era”.

What Mhoni Vidente said about Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin

He predicted that the president of the United States “you will get sick again and could even have a stroke or a serious cardiovascular problem“. The astrologer commented that “many powerful people no longer want him in power and someone like Kamala Harris could take the reins.”

Vladimir Putin.  The Russian president would have a serious illness.  Photo/AP

Vladimir Putin. The Russian president would have a serious illness. Photo/AP

Mhoni Vidente maintains that, according to his tarot reading, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, “is on sick leave and someone else is in charge of the country and war decisions. On the other hand, he pointed out that “many state leaders will be thinking of making wars“.

Other predictions of Mhoni Seer

On the other hand, the astrologer warned that “In August the problems between Mexico and the United States will grow and it will unleash a very strong crisis.”

On the other hand, he said that it is coming”an earthquake in Mexico City August and September are the months when there is more seismic activity”. Mhoni added that “there would be a magnitude 6.6 earthquake that will hit the Mexican capital, but it will not be anything serious, just the scare.”

Drought.  A problem that affects the entire world as a result of global warming.

Drought. A problem that affects the entire world as a result of global warming.

Regarding the natural phenomena during the remainder of August, he said that the drought will hit the entire world and will worsen towards the end of the month. Seer assured that global warming “will affect the Earth’s plates. These movements will activate a volcano in Asia and will cause an explosion never seen before.”

What did Mhoni Vidente say about global health?

She believed that it is not possible for a virus, such as COVID-19, to have so many variants, and that is why the seer is convinced that “this disease has been caused, but fortunately for the world, vaccines counteract the danger of the pandemic step by step. “.

Nevertheless, for Mhoni that the real danger today is monkeypox. In that sense, “He warned that precautions must be taken because it could become a pandemic and it will mainly affect the gay community.” And he said that a variant of this disease could soon be generated that could be fatal.

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