Mhoni Vidente reveals which signs will be lucky during the Pisces era

The Piscean era, which runs from February 19 to March 20, will be very lucky for some people, particularly, those who belong to the signs of Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Scorpiorevealed Mhoni Seer.

When launching her predictions for the cycle of the sign of the fish, the astrologer commented that these zodiacal signs they will be lucky in the next 30 days and they will be destined to shine “in all ways”.

The psychic added that they will be luckier if they use the numbers 05, 06 and 29. “They will have radical changes in matters of work or new projects that will leave them with a little more abundance and economic stability,” he commented in a video that he posted on his YouTube channel.

Luck for Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio will not only come in the professional field, Mhoni Vidente predicted that they will also be lucky in love and they could even meet their ideal partner, and if they are in a relationship, it will be cemented with a pregnancy.

Predictions for the Pisces cycle

The astrologer predicted that the age of Pisces comes with drawbacks for Mexico. Insecurity will be a predominant issue throughout the country and there could be an attack against people in power such as governors, mayors or deputies.

“It will be an (astrological) month completely of violence and insecurity. The government will not be able to do anything to control these situations,” she warned. In this sense, the astrologer predicted that the authorities will have to use the army to restore control.

On the other hand, Mhoni Vidente prophesied some earthquakes in California, particularly in Los Angelesin addition to some regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, however “they will not be serious.”

He visualized that another volcano in Asia will erupt and affect the whole world, so he called to be prepared for the climatic changes that are expected for the age of Pisces.

He insisted that a war is getting closer over the situation in Ukraine, where Russia, the United States, China, France and Germany could be involved, and it will change geopolitics around the world.

Other alarming predictions by Mhoni Vidente were the fall of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as the rulers of Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile.

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