Mia Khalifa compares herself to Tom Brady to give marriage advice to her fans

Aleadult movie actress Mia Khalifa He decided to record a video on his TikTok account where he shared some advice on marriage. Mia, who was previously married twice and engaged three times, received a lot of criticism on social media for her views: “Girl don’t know I’m Tom Brady in this game, Married at 18, divorced at 21. Second marriage: Marriage at the age of 25, divorce at the age of 28. Third engagement: Engaged at the age of 29, broke up at the age of 30. But I kept the ring and I’m still keeping Tom Brady on my guard, We should not be afraid to leave these people. We are not stuck with these people. Marriage is not impurity, it is red tape. It is a commitment that you make to someone, but if you feel like you are not getting anything from that commitment and you are trying, then you have to leave. you should go I know it’s hard to fill out paperwork, make appointments and all that stuff. But it’s your fucking life. Do you want to hook up with someone? Duration”.

Mia’s criticism on social networks did not wait. Some said “Why do we accept marriage advice from pornstars?”, others said “What worse example of marriage! It’s like a butcher giving vegetarian advice, What a joke.” Meanwhile, another said: “Honestly, she is the last person I would want to hear marriage advice from.”

Tom Brady and Mia Khalifa

She Was Linked To Tom Brady After Divorce

star of onlyfans, mia khalifa, has found herself denying dating a legendary American sports star after revealing she is “bad” at it. The incident of disowning football quarterback Tom Brady comes just one day after news of his divorce broke Gisele Bundchen, The couple announced their divorce after 13 years of marriage, but Khalifa, 29, quickly distanced herself from Brady’s future dating scene.


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