Mia Khalifa dons topples and turns on the network with New York in the background

Mia Khalifa He is 30 years old, but he already has a long journey ahead in his life. At first, she became famous after becoming a pornographic actress, but later decided to move away from that environment and focus on her career as a model and influencer, even on her own. Also with the K jewelery brand.

The perfect porn actress has managed to win a huge audience and currently has more than 27.8 million followers on her Instagram profile. There he posts about his daily life, his travels, his various jobs, his great luxuries, his outings with friends, his photographic productions and his most fashionable or daring looks.

Mia Khalifa in Louis Vuitton Photo: Instagram

After a long stay in Paris attending events and fashion shows, Mia returned to the United States, posing in front of her bathroom mirror, which is distinctive for its blue tiles, and with New York City in the background And topples with a song said that the city has made the atmosphere musical.

Furthermore, with this picture, the influencer put aside those trendy and extravagant looks of Paris, and posed in her pajamas before going to sleep. Mia wore pink silk shorts and nothing else, keeping in mind that she was not wearing a shirt or bra, but covered her bosom with her arm and her hair.

Mia Khalifa posing in only a minishort. Photo: Instagram

In addition, she wore her distinctive jewellery, such as necklaces, rings and a watch, wore her hair open and straight, polished white nails and light makeup to enhance her features. Of course, she exposed her various tattoos that helped highlight her figure, in this case her stomach, bust, and legs.

Mia Khalifa’s most unexpected look

Mia Khalifa is not afraid to be herself and show off all her looks. In this case, while traveling by car, she showed off her outfit of the day with a white jumpsuit and her disheveled hair completely untangled. She laughed at it and uploaded it on Instagram Stories.

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