Mia Khalifa Enjoys a Delicious Hamburger With Bites


The model Mia Khalifa showed us one of her favorite foods in a video, while bite after bite she savored her hamburger

The beautiful businesswoman, influencer, actress, and model Mia Khalifa gave us an entertaining and delicious video where she showed off her hamburger.

After a small bite that for many would-be something very appetizing, the celebrity of social networks was about to enjoy this delight.

He originally shared the video on Tik Tok but decided to also post it on his Instagram stories, in the first application it has become quite popular, especially since its content is quite entertaining.

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Of course, you could not expect less from Mia Khalifa who has been delighting her fans for years, not only with the exquisite figure she has also done so with her personality and witticisms.

In her Tiktok account, the beautiful Lebanese has 23.9 million followers, in her video that she shared a day ago she has more than half a million likes and 8057 comments.

Some of the Internet users who shared her opinion affirm that she is already a Latina because she is singing in Spanish and she herself has admitted that she is fascinated by Mexico and the Latin culture.

Being very focused on eating this fast food delicacy, several fans admitted that it made them hungry just by looking at it.

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