Mia Khalifa reveals the ‘sexiest thing a man can do’ – and many of her fans don’t agree

Mia Khalifa has given her verdict on what is the sexiest thing a man can do.

The social media influencer’s claims come in the wake of his controversy regarding the conflict between Hamas and Israel. His previous remarks, which included “filming the freedom fighters in Palestine by turning their phones over and horizontal”, led to him being dropped from his deal with Playboy.

“The sexiest thing a man can do is wear a keffiyeh,” he said, posting on a social media platform called X. The keffiyeh is a square scarf, often made of cotton and worn over the head by men in the Middle East.

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It serves as protection from the sun and is also valuable as a means of covering the eyes and mouth during sandstorms. It is commonly worn by Arabs, Kurds and Yazidis, although different variations are found in different regions.

Mia made her claim (Image: X)

Often, it is tied at the top with a piece of rope called an agal, which helps fix the keffiyeh to the wearer’s head. The keffiyeh is a national symbol of Palestine, which is currently torn by conflict following the infiltration of terrorist group Hamas into neighboring Israel, following which Israel bombed and entered Gaza.

About 1,400 Israelis were killed in the initial raid on 7 October, while reports claim about 13,000 Palestinians have been killed since then. The extreme tension surrounding the situation and the high level of division it has brought with it around the world means it’s no surprise that the comments section of Mia’s politically charged post faced trolls.

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