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It is a fact that, as time goes by, more and more celebrities are attracted by OnlyFans.

It is not for less, as they consider it a good option to generate more economic resources and increase their bank accounts.

Thus, on the platform we can find a good number of celebrities, athletes, professionals, students and even adult film actresses.

One of the most famous, who until recently was dedicated to the adult industry, is Mia Khalifa.

After his retirement from this type of cinema, Lebanese has dedicated himself to commentating on some sporting events, such as his OnlyFans venture, in addition to exploiting his social network and looking for new income.

Khalifa usually exists in the digital world, which is why she usually posts images that let her followers know what they can find on the adult app if they don’t follow her already. Are.

Now he has published on his Instagram account some pictures on the beach, which left little to the imagination to the delight of millions of his followers.

In some of the pictures shared with her loyal fans, she can be seen on the beach, sea touching her feet and dressed in a pink outfit.

But that’s not all, as she also published a flirtatious picture of herself on a bed on the beach, in which she is topless, holding her left hand in such a way that it can’t be seen excessively.

While in the last she can be seen with her chest bare, covered only by a tiara, while she closes her eyes and rests her hands on her shapely legs.

As expected, the post received hundreds of likes from her over 27.6 million followers on Instagram.

Mia Khalifa charges $12 a month to anyone who wants to see her intimate stuff on OnlyFans.

However, it has a 40 percent off promotion until August 8, so only 7.2 greenbacks will be paid.

But that is not all. The adult film actress also offers offers for three months for $32.4, half a year for $61.2 or one year for $115.2.

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