Mia Khalifa: the right to regain possession of one’s life


“These eleven videos will haunt me to the point of death and I don’t want another girl to meet what I’ve been through, because no one should”.

There are about one and a half million signatures on the petition launched by Kia Flowers, on the platform, with the aim of having justice for Mia Khalifa.

The twenty-seven-year-old born in Lebanon, naturalized American, reached her highest fame in October 2014, when she became a pornographic actress. In a short time, it climbs all the Pornhub charts thanks to bang bros productions; a world that will soon turn out to be double-edged, seen and considered that she will receive death threats after appearing in pornographic films wearing a hijab and showing tattoos of a conservative Lebanese mold. So in 2016, for “serious threats from isis exponents”, Mia retires from the scene trying to regain possession of her life with many difficulties. In fact, with her popularity, it was only a matter of time before on Instagram, on her profile of over twenty million followers, did not arrive as many millions of haters, ready to mock her and her partner Robert Sandberg, world-famous chef.

A few days ago, Kia Flowers decided to launch a petition following the numerous posts by Mia towards those people who remember only the “three months lower, more toxic and more unusual than your life when you were 21 years old” and to an industry that despite multiple requests from its staff to remove content, has done nothing but continue to promote it, as if Mia had never retired. In addition, to those who in recent days accused the twenty-seven year old of having received millions of dollars for those videos, the same responded in a video declaring that she had received $ 12,000 compared to the millions of dollars collected by the industries that exploited her as soon as she was twenty-one years old. Exploited and abused, as she recently confessed on her social channels:

«Jordan Sibbs, director of Bang Bros, told me that a Vogue photographer could rehabilitate my figure with professional shots. but something did not return because “I was taken to the roof alone, with him. He gave me a hijab and after wearing it he began to photograph me. After that, she asked me to completely undress and lay attached to the wall. The worst part was when he brought his hands closer to my body, writhing or touching it at will, for the purposes of the photos. which were published without Mia’s knowing it and without any form of retribution.


“They never saw me as a human being with a soul and a future, I was a commodity in the hands of these men who were not at all worried about my health, I had no control. “

The porn industry is not exempt from treating its actresses and actors in a humane and respectful way, especially when the latter have the desire to start their lives again, without the contents of their past professions becoming the mark of their present and their future.

At the link below, the petition to seek justice against Mia Khalifa:


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