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Renowned adult film star Mia Khalifa is back in her beloved London, but she suddenly remembers the fire alarm in a beautiful London hotel.

In her 30s, Mia revealed on her Instagram that she has returned to the United Kingdom, showcasing her luxurious residence in the capital and labeling England as “very out of touch”, while Asking: “What do you want to say with ‘The Dilly’ in Piccadilly?”, quoted by the Daily Star.

He continued to share various stories, including one about a “cosmic divide” that he believed to exist after the death of a man in Lake Lanier in the US state of Georgia.

In addition to other posts, Mia shared a video in which she was preparing to consent in the capital, jumping around with “(pip pip cheerio, c***s”), an expression used in the United Kingdom to denote fulfilment. Performed as a stereotypical and comic form. ,

However, she claimed she woke up louder than usual due to the shocking fire alarm in her state-of-the-art hotel. I recorded a selfie video that was attached to the reception and asked: “Is this the campaign?”

Mia Khalifa commented on Instagram that her sleep was faster than usual

Last May, Khalifa made it clear in a series of posts to her Instagram Story that she was a big fan of the city of London, which was her second visit to the country in just a few months.

One post showed us driving through the streets of London in a car, admiring the city’s iconic architecture, to the tune of Taylor Swift’s musical “London Boy.”

The Lebanese woman continued her story by sharing a post from a user who had photographed the outside of a building in Shepherd Market.

The post’s legend states: “Pip Pip, Cheerio, B*tch”, along with the Union Jack flag and the English flag.

Despite the surprise wake-up call, Mia Khalifa’s brief stay in London appears to be an unforgettable experience for the personality known throughout the world.

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