Michael B. Jordan at Denzel Washington’s directing lesson

What should we expect from Michael B. Jordan’s first director, who chose to make his debut directing Creed III? Of course we can rest assured because the actor had an excellent teacher: Denzel Washington.

Michael B. Jordan chose to make his debut behind the camera when it seemed to him that it was the most opportune moment, that is to say when the producer Irwin Winkler not only proposed him to play the third chapter of the boxer’s adventures in the ring as a protagonist Adonis Creed, son of the deceased Apollo, but also to be the director. The actor has taken his new task very seriously and we know that he will work very hard, but if he succeeds in the admirable feat, the credit will go to Denzel Washington.

Michael B. Jordan asked tips and tricks of the trade a Washington because he knew his way of working. The prodigious Denzel in fact he directed it in A Journal for Jordan, film inspired by a true story: that of the sergeant Charles Monroe King, who writes letters to his newborn son while on duty in Iraq. Michael he had a great time on set and described the experience as incredible. Here’s what he said about it in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

(Denzel) helped me prepare for Creed III. I asked him a ton of questions and looked at how he manages a set, how he communicates with the head of each department, and understood what to look for or expect on a daily basis. So (A Journal for Jordan) was definitely and certainly the right project for me before Creed III (…) Being directed by Denzel is like doing a masterclass on everything. He shows up at work every day to give his best. It empties completely, so you have to tune into that energy and that drive. So Denzel pushed me to give more. It was an incredible experience. Develop the character, dismember the characters, get to the essence of everything, be as specific as possible. It raised the bar of my performance in many ways, so I am delighted and grateful for this lesson.

Denzel Washington, who is an extraordinary actor, was also the director of Antwone Fisher, The Great Debaters – The power of the word And Barriers. Returning instead to Michael B. Jordan and his Creed III, we imagine something other than Creed And Creed II, entrusted by Sylvester Stallone to Ryan Coogler. First of all Sly he will no longer be in the cast and therefore the film will play less the nostalgia operation, and then perhaps we will feel a more pioneering and independent flavor. Recall that in the film the nemesis of Adonis Creed will be played by Jonathan Majors is that Creed grossed $ 175 and a half million, while Creed II took home $ 214 million.

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