Michael Jordan releases a pure madness… in reference to The Rock?

Michael Jordann is at the head of a financial empire thanks to his Jordan Brand, and his strong position in the market allows him to take risks without fear of big repercussions. This is what his teams have just done, by releasing a madness in tribute to The Rock.

Michael Jordan and The Rock are perhaps the two most well-known athletes on the planet. The first dominated the NBA in the 90s′ and is today at the head of a huge financial empire with his brand, when the second was the face of the golden age of WWE, and he is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood. And like all sports legends, they both have iconic images that fans know.

Everyone has in mind the image of Muhammad Ali towering over the body of Sony Liston after a monumental knockout, everyone sees Usain Bolt with his fingers to the sky after his world record in the 100m, everyone can imagine Michael Jordan rising from the free throw line during the dunk contest. Unfortunately for The Rock, the image that everyone retains of him has nothing to do with his exploits in the ring…

A Jordan 1 as a tribute to The Rock?

This image of Dwayne Johnson, with the black turtleneck tucked into the pants, the gold chain around the neck and especially the fanny pack at the waist is legendary. So much so that it seems to have served as inspiration to the Jordan Brand for the design of the latest Jordan 1. Indeed, the brand with the Jumpman logo is going to release a black pair, with golden details, and above all an integrated banana!

It’s quite unusual, but the Jordan Brand is going to release a shoe with a built-in heel fanny pack. The less extravagant can still be reassured, the accessory can be easily removed and put on a tote bar which will be offered with the pair. As with each new release from the brand, collectors should jump on it.

Jordan Brand designers can take risks, since the pairs know a phenomenal success no matter what. And finally, taking inspiration from The Rock and his legendary outfit could be a great idea.

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