Michael Oher’s Foster Brothers claims iconic ‘Blind Side’ scene ‘didn’t happen’

As Michael Oher’s legal battle over the blockbuster movie “The Blind Side” heats up, more people from the former NFL player’s past are casting doubt on Hollywood’s portrayal of his life story.

A new CNN documentary, “Blindsided,” looks at alleged inaccuracies in the 2009 film that earned Sandra Bullock an Academy Award. Oher’s foster brothers Nate and Kwanda Hale were among those interviewed by CNN, who said that the financial hardship the athlete experienced was greatly exaggerated for the film and was filmed by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. His home life was quite different before he left. The way it was portrayed on screen.

The two men took particular issue over a scene from “The Blind Side” in which Ohr (played by Quinton Aaron) is settling into his new bedroom in the Tuohy house, and telling Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock) that he has never had a bed. Was not his own.

According to People, Nate Hale said, “Part of the restrictions on living in foster homes, you have to have your own space.” “You didn’t have to have your own room, but even though (Kwanda and I) were biological brothers, you still had to have your own bed.”

Kwanda Hale said: “That video shows something that didn’t happen.”

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Michael Oher with the Carolina Panthers in 2016. The movie “The Blind Side”‘s portrayal of his early years before becoming a star college player has come into question, with a new CNN documentary taking a look at the controversy.

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Ohr’s high school friend Quintero Franklin was also interviewed for the CNN film, who admitted that he walked out of a screening of “The Blind Side” when it was in theaters.

After being shown a scene that showed Ohr was unable to read or write, Franklin said he was “ashamed” of his friend: “He would never do anything like that.”

“The Blind Side” was based on the 2006 book of the same name by Michael Lewis. Directed by John Lee Hancock, the film was a critical and commercial hit, but in the years since its release, it has been criticized as an example of the “white savior” trope.

In August, Oher — who played for the Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers before retiring in 2017 — filed a lawsuit alleging that the Tuohys, a white family who took him to their Memphis home when he was 16, Never legally adopted. As shown in the film.

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Actor Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher in the 2009 film, with co-star Sandra Bullock in 2013.

He also accused the couple of fraudulently signing the papers making them his guardians and then using their power to make lakhs of rupees from his story.

In September, a Tennessee judge terminated the conservatorship between Ohr and Tuohys. However, financial disputes over the profits from the film continue.

Meanwhile, Aaron has defended the film, although he admitted that he was unable to consult Ohr regarding his performance during filming.

“Hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where people boycott the movie, because I think this movie is bigger than family,” the actor told “Entertainment Tonight” in August. “I think it’s bigger than the actors – the message and the good it’s done over the years speaks to another level of inspiration.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Blindsided’ below.

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