Michelle Alexander breaks silence questions Melissa Paredes scandal with Rodrigo Cuba criticizes mother Celia Rodríguez celebrity | SHOWS

michelle alexander broke his silence on the scandal Melissa Paredes Y Rodrigo Cuba after having had the model for some of his soap operas. The well-known television producer questioned that the actress had allowed her mother Celia Rodríguez to appear on television to rant.

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Through her Instagram account, the businesswoman shared unique messages in clear reference to the presentation of Melissa Paredes’ mother on the “América Hoy” program, where she faced LIVE with Janet Barboza.

“How are you going to get your mother into your dimes and diretes”, “I don’t know why, but I remembered Laura Bozzo’s program”Michelle Alexander wrote.

However, the Infobae press contacted her to consult her directly and ended up confirming that the messages were for the model Melissa Paredes.

I have never commented on that subject (Melissa Paredes scandal) and I will not. On Instagram I have published something that is what I feel, period. To whom it refers I have not put, but you do not need to have more than four fingers of forehead to know to whom I refer. But I’m not going to talk about it anymore, that’s why I’ve expressed myself on Instagram, I’m not going to talk anymore, “said the producer of Luz de Luna.

Michelle Alexander speaks out about the Melissa Paredes scandal.  Photo: Instagram
Michelle Alexander speaks out about the Melissa Paredes scandal. Photo: Instagram

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Celia Rodriguezmother of Melissa Paredeswas linked live on the ‘América Hoy’ program and had a harsh confrontation with the host Janet Barboza. The lady rebuked the ‘rulitos’ for the constant criticism of her daughter and not of Rodrigo Cuba.

Just as you always draw your conclusions and excuse me, but I’m always direct, and I’m tired of you always attacking my daughter and not other people. You can deceive everyone, but not me, that you say that he is treated well, you do not deceive me, ”she said.


After having spoken on her personal Instagram account about the appearance of Melissa Paredes’ mother on television, the producer michelle alexander He repented and deleted his posts against the actress and model.


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