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The dysfunctional sister has participated in several Mexican comedies


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In addition to frequently appearing in I fall from laughter, to be one of the protagonists of the series ’40 and 20′,and appear in multiple theatrical productions, Michelle Rodriguez He has also had the opportunity to shine on the big screen.

Here are some of the movies where you can see this great actress.

5 movies with Michelle Rodríguez to have a great time

War of Likes (2021)

In this film starring Regina Blandón and Ludwika Paleta about a woman looking to make her way in the world of advertising in CDMX, Michelle plays Melissa, and it will surely make you laugh!

Childless (2020)

Alfonso Dosal, Reina Blandón, Ela Velden and Michelle Rodríguez are some of the actors in the cast of this film that you can find on Netflix.

I take you with me (2020)

“This story makes me very happy. It is a story of couple love, passion love, dream love, family love, friendship love, which I think are many of the things that make us who we are and make the decisions we make; told (the film) in a very loving way too, where there is no villain, there is no prejudice that questions the decisions of these characters, ”Michelle said about her participation in this film to Encuadres Magazine.

Mirreyes VS Godinez (2019)

Undoubtedly one of her most remembered roles in the cinema is that of Goyita, the receptionist, in this film that even got a special/sequel on Prime Video that addressed the home office that began during the Covid-19 pandemic in a very funny way. 19.

How To Cut Your Mutt (2017)

Without a doubt, Martita has to be one of Michelle’s funniest characters in her film career, we leave you the trailer of the film so you can find out why.

BONUS: ‘Trolls World Tour’ (2020)

In addition to Ricardo Margaleff and Faisy, Michelle He has also ventured into dubbing, his most recent work being the sequel to ‘Trolls’, where he played Delta Dawn.

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