Michelle Soifer on the return of Pancho Rodríguez: “I prefer Rafael Cardozo to return”, video

The possible return of Pancho Rodríguez has been consulted by several of the members of the program, and there are several who hope that after the migratory problem he had is resolved, he can immediately rejoin the competition reality show. However, one of the answers that surprised him was that of Michelle Soifer, who apparently would not be so happy about his early arrival.

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It was the program America Shows who decided to consult the Warriors and combatants of the possible return of Pancho Rodriguez To the competition reality, there were several who were eager to see their friend again with whom they shared several competitions, but the popular “Michi” made unfavorable statements for the Chilean.

apparently to michelle soifer He does not care about the return of the Chilean Pancho Rodríguez, because in his statements he indicated that he prefers the return of Rafael Cardozo, who resigned from the program a few days ago.

“If he wants or if the program needs, cool, but not me personally… I mean, I’m not that close to Pancho. Normal, if it’s good, if not, no… no, no, the truth is I haven’t heard from him for a long time, but I think Rafael (Cardozo) is going to come back, so I want Rafa to come back”, said the popular “Bombón assassin “.

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What did the other competitors say about the return of Pancho Rodríguez?

Unlike michelle soiferthe other warriors and combatants if they were happy with the possible return of Pancho RodriguezEven driver Renzo Schuller would be happy to see him again: “It would be spectacular, he’s one of the best competitors we’ve ever had on the shows,” he said.

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