Michigan is the nation’s third-largest Christmas tree supplier

Christmas starts with pure Michigan!

When you think of Michigan’s biggest exports things like cars, cherries and Faygo come to mind, but we can’t forget about one of Michigan’s biggest money makers: Christmas trees?

While I have fond childhood memories of our annual family trips to U-cut tree farms in western Michigan, The Mitten doesn’t necessarily come to mind when I think of Christmas tree farms. Instead, I think about states like Vermont and New Hampshire.

Am I wrong? Or have I been brainwashed by too many Hallmark Christmas movies?

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Merry Christmas, Michigan!

According to the Michigan Ag Council, Michigan is third largest Supplier of Christmas trees in the nation. Every year Michigan harvests and ships 1.5 to 2 million Fresh trees in national market.

Between 9 different varieties of full-size trees as well as additional decorating items like wreaths, garland and other fresh clippings, it has approximately $40 million In the annual sale!

MI AG Council adds,

There are approximately 37,000 acres of commercial Christmas tree production in our state…for each Christmas tree harvested, Michigan Christmas tree farmers plant three new trees for a future harvest

And who made the ‘cut’?

Oregon is the top Christmas tree producing state, followed by North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin. Sources say that 25-30 million real trees are sold in the US annually.

When it comes to the best-selling tree varieties in Michigan, both Fraser And douglasare the most popular. scotch pin are one of the best-selling tree varieties in Michigan, but my family was always in favor of blue spruce,

Do you prefer real or artificial Christmas trees?

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees in Southwest Michigan

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