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If you still have your Windows 10 computer, Microsoft has just released a mandatory system update that’s coming soon.

Windows 11 arrived several weeks ago and with this arrival many users reacted positively, welcoming the update to Microsoft’s operating system with a mixture of positivity and hope. The truth is, At a general level, it was not as Microsoft would have expected and, it is that, there was a lot of rejection.

The first thing that happened with the Windows 11 update is that the Redmond company did not make clear the type of requirements that it was going to request at first and when it did, many users realized that their computers did not pass the minimum specifications to be able to install the new version of the operating system.

This caused that many users decided to stay on Windows 10 so as not to have to make a backup copy of your files before updating or, simply, out of sheer habit of an operating system that has reached a fairly high level of maturity and, therefore, does not usually have problems at a general level .

It seems quite logical to stay on an earlier version of Microsoft’s operating system rather than jump to the latest version, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. There are several problems when doing this and one of them is the loss of support from Microsoft at the level of software updates.

In addition, it is that Microsoft itself will be able to force the update of these versions of its previous operating system even if users do not want to update for fear of losing the optimization achieved. It is not something new or something that catches users by surprise, in fact, today Microsoft’s plans have become clear.

It has been seen that people with specific versions of Windows 10 will receive an update that will be mandatory for all computers. There are two specific versions: 20H2 and 1909. Both versions of Windows 10 have lost the Microsoft update service today.

Of course, before saying goodbye, those from Redmond have released the update that we have mentioned and it arrives with the following numbering: KB5013945 (Build 18363.2274) for version 1909 and KB5013942 (Build 19042.1706) for version 20H2. Being mandatory updates, they arrive and are installed immediately.

The most normal thing is that you are not aware that the laptop or desktop has been updated since it is usually done in a behind-the-scenes process and only comes to light when the device is turned off. It is curious that some versions of Windows 10 are already reaching the end of their useful life at the software level.

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