“Midnight at the Switchgrass”: the film that united Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly has already arrived on Prime Video

An FBI agent and a Florida officer team up to investigate a series of unsolved murders. (Lionsgate)

Midnight on the Switchgrass (in English as Midnight in the Switchgrass) is a crime thriller based on a true storyreleased in 2021. This is the directorial debut of randall emmett (known for producing movies like silence, The Irishmanamong others), based on a script by Alan Horsnail.

This fiction is carried out by Megan fox, Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, Luke Haas, Colson Baker, Lydia Hull and finally, musician, rapper, singer and actor Machine Gun Kelly. The production was released on July 23, 2021 by Lionsgate, but, with all the commotion that the relationship between Fox and Gun Kelly has caused, you will surely be interested in seeing it. In addition to telling you that it was in this production where they fell in love.

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Megan Fox and her boyfriend Gun Kelly at the film's premiere in 2021. (Marvin)
Megan Fox and her boyfriend Gun Kelly at the film’s premiere in 2021. (Marvin)

What does the plot tell?

The adaptation tells a true story of the most dangerous serial killer in Texas, with the dramatization transferred to Florida, where FBI agent Karl Helter (Bruce Willis) and his partner, Rebecca Lombardo (Megan Fox), are about to catch a web. of sex trafficking. But when their investigation finds they’ve stepped onto the trail of a brutal serial killer, they team up with Florida Police Department Officer Byron Crawford (Emile Hirsch), who has been on this case for years. When Rebecca herself is kidnapped by her target and her life hangs in the balance, Byron has precise time to gather the last clues and take down the nefarious “truck stop killer.”

"Midnight on the Switchgrass" It is based on the true story of the most dangerous serial killer in Texas.  (Lionsgate)
“Midnight on the Switchgrass” is based on the true story of Texas’s most dangerous serial killer. (Lionsgate)

In the film, Megan fox It puts spirit into investigator Rebecca Lombardi, busy protecting sex workers and obsessed with hunting down the nocturnal predator. While Bruce Willis gets to play an almost secondary character due to the few appearances of him.

The production was highly criticized by specialists. For example, according to Golden Raspberry or Anti-Oscar Awards (in Spanish: Golden Raspberry Awards), which were created by the film critic and writer John JB Wilson in 1980, Fox was nominated for worst actress.

Megan Fox and Bruce Willis as Karl Helter and his partner, Rebecca Lombardo.  (Lionsgate)
Megan Fox and Bruce Willis as Karl Helter and his partner, Rebecca Lombardo. (Lionsgate)

In addition, other public figures such as Owen Gleibermann from Varietyhe said: “It’s rubbish on the surface, but it shows that the serial killer thriller has little to offer at this point.”


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