Migrants, shipwreck in the English Channel. Macron and Johnson in conversation: “Urgent action together”. A fifth trafficker arrested

London And Paris I agree on one thing: it is urgent to increase joint efforts to combat the “deadly” crossings of the Channel by migrants attempting to reach England from France. A few hours ago one of the more episodes dramatic in that waters, which caused the deaths of at least 30 people. Among them also three children and 7 women, one of whom was pregnant. How does it know Downing Street, Over a phone call the British premier Boris Johnson and the French president Emmanuel Macron they agreed on the need “to do everything possible to stop traffickers who endanger the lives” of migrants. The two leaders also “underlined the importance of one close cooperation with the neighbors of the Belgium and gods Netherlands, as well as with partners across the continent ”, to try“ to tackle the problem effectively before people reach the French coast ”. Meanwhile, the interior minister of Paris Gerald Darmanin reported that it was a fifth suspected trafficker arrested. The minister further said that the authorities are working to determine the nationality of the victims. Two survivors were cared for hypothermia. One is Iraqi, the other Somali. The French premier Jean Castex he said he would be holding an emergency meeting in the morning. The meeting in France of the ministers in charge of immigration from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain is scheduled for Sunday 28 November.

In the telephone conversation, Macron said he “expects the British to cooperate fully and avoid exploiting a dramatic situation a political purposes”And insisted on the“ need to act with dignity, with respect and in a spirit of effective cooperation, when dealing with human lives ”. A response to the British colleague, who had commented on the story with critical tones of French politics, which he said was not very cooperative.

Meanwhile, following the shipwreck, one took place last night in Calais protest: a group of people gathered to commemorate the victims and ask for better treatment for migrants. “How many more deaths must there be?”, read one of the banners held up by the demonstrators. “30 years of announcements, of inhuman and degrading treatment,” was written on another.

In fact, migrants continue to cross the canal towards the United Kingdom, despite, among other things, the worsening of the weather conditions. BBC reports that 40 people aboard two boats are you arrive this morning in the British city of Dover. The asylum requests in the UK they reached the highest level for almost 20 years, fueled by the surge in migratory crossings of the Channel. It emerges from the latest data published by the Home Office. In the year up to September, 37,562 applications were submitted, the highest number recorded since June 2004, when there were 39,746, and higher than the one reached at the height of the European migration crisis in 2015 and 2016, equal to 36,546. The UK Home Office also pointed out that the number of backlogs has reached record highs. The demands had decreased during the coronavirus pandemic, but once they got past the most critical part they quickly returned to pre-Covid levels.

The president of the European Union Parliament also expresses himself on the matter David Sassoli, with a tweet: “It is the latest in a long series of tragedies that have occurred in the seas surrounding Europe. Today we mourn the victims but we have to also Act to ensure that this cannot happen again ”.

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