Migrants will not be forced to wait in Mexico to request asylum in the United States

The current administration of Joe Biden is now officially authorized to end the controversial border program approved by his predecessor Donald Trump.

This Monday the Supreme Court of the United States certified its ruling, from about a month ago, related to the issue.

The policy established by the previous White House tenant instructed asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their hearings. A “symbolic” act that once again stoke the fire on how and when that program will be definitively eliminated.

The justices voted 5-4 in favor of eliminating the policy known as “Remain in Mexico.” In the file itself, the phrase “sentence handed down” could be seen, referring to the fact that the legal part had already been finalized.

In essence, the high officials, charged now with carrying out that sentence, have said very little about it. It is not yet known if the thousands of people waiting in Mexico for the outcome of their cases will be able to remain in Aztec lands.

There has also been no information about the relevance of awaiting the end of their trials in the United States. All this while the immigration court analyzes each particular case.

Silence from the White House

Regarding this recent officialization of the opinion, from the White House comes a deathly silence. Neither in the Oval Office nor in the Department of Homeland Security have voices been heard with ideas about what to do in the immediate future. The same happens with the Mexican authorities, they have not thought it appropriate to comment.

More than 70,000 migrants were part of the policy known as “Migrant Protection Protocols.” It all started in January 2019 when Donald Trump implemented it. Biden, as soon as he began his term, suspended it, thus fulfilling one of his electoral promises.

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