Miguel Herrera celebrates 20 years as DT, how did you start your career?

Michael Herrera is partying because This February 17th he turns 20 years as a coachwhich began thanks to a “madness” of Jose Antonio Garciathe sporting president of atlantean two decades ago, who gave Piojo the opportunity to direct for the first time First division.

Currently helmsman of tigerswith one of the most powerful squads in Liga MX, the Piojo became a strategist for the Foals on Matchday 7 of summer 2002thanks to Luis Fernando Tena asked for a high salary to the Barcelona directive, since Mario Carrillo did not get along with García.

When the results do not accompany Carlos Reinoso, he leaves and Alejandro Burillo and Migue Ángel Couchonal in the meeting we had, They tell me to see Mario Carrillo and Luis Fernando Tena”, recalled the former Barça director in an interview with Mediotiempo.

I sat down with both of them and there was no solution and that’s when I told them that I was going to give the team to Miguel Herrera and they told me ‘you’re crazy‘”.

At that time, Burillo He was a member of the club with GarciaY Couchonal was president of Pegaso Group Soccer Council (Burillo’s company), at a time when they were still playing in the Mexican tournament Joseph Cardozo, Jared Borgetti and Ivan Zamorano.

When I gave the team to Carlos Reinoso I told him that I would put together the coaching staff so that the team smelled like Potro. And I have had a good relationship with Miguel for a long time and he already had his coaching course and I put Piojo as an assistant”, Garcia recalled.

the debut of Herrera Aguirre with the azulgranas he was not the best, because a disaster against León at the Camp Nou seemed to confirm that the Louse I wasn’t ready to take the reins of a team First divisionbut García requested confidence for the strategist and from there began his successful career.

“In their debut we played against León and they beat us 2-1 and it was a terrible week where The criticism came because ‘how was it possible that he gave the team to a coach who had never managed?’”, recalled the manager.

Then I sat down with Burillo and asked him to give us three games and he just said ‘God bless you’. Against Necaxa (in the following day) we were winning and they tied us, and then against Toluca de La Volpe we tied 0-0. Then against Rayados we won 3-1 and from there we got up in the tournament and today he is one of the most successful coaches”.


Throughout his career, blacksmith sum two league titles, an MX Cup, a Champion of Champions and a Gold Cup with the Mexican National Team. One of his main virtues as a coach is that he knows how to talk to the players directlyin addition to a strong and positive mentality.

He makes a great group and the sample is what he is doing with TigresToday it’s nice to see him play because before he was lazy and Tigres’ face has changed; He is a coach who knows how to read the games and who is among the three best coaches in Mexico“, said Garcia.


After directing the atlantean in that 2002, the Louse was DT of scratched, Veracruz and tecosthen return with the foals, to whom he returned to prominence. Thanks to that, America noticed himlargely on the recommendation of Garcia.

One day Yon de Luisa (then President of the Eagles) approached me to ask if he could talk to Miguel. Miguel finished his contract in December and in America they were already putting together his team in October, ”added García.

I told Yon ‘Miguelito hasn’t made any money at Atlante’, and I not only let them talk to him, I also recommended him and I told them that he would make America champion and he did. Even, just as Atlante was caught in relegation positions, America also caught him with some problems”.

blacksmith first won the title of Closing 2013 on the epic Final of America over Cruz Azulthen go to the Selection and resume his club career in Xolos. after that returned to Americawith whom he was crowned again in the Opening 2018then direct to tigers.

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