Miguel Herrera comes out in defense of Solari and Vasco Aguirre

Miguel Herrera, DT of tigerscame out in defense of Santiago Solari and Javier Aguirrewho are suffering in their position with America and scratchedrespectively, due to the lack of good results so far in the Closure 2022 and participation in the Club World Cup, in the case of the backyard rival.

she is unlucky. Our position as a coach is like this, the fans get up wanting to see something, they don’t see it and the first thing they demand is to cut the technician and of the two names you gave they are very capable technicians that they have led in Europe, that have their established trajectory, unfortunately the voracious result in Mexico, that is, the teams that they have and represent obviously require them to win and do things to the best of their ability”, he said.

Nor that they have done so badlyin the end they have not started in the best way, case Americaand with Javier with the Club World Cupbut they have the possibility of continuing to work and seek revenge, they are both technicians prepared to seek that revenge and give joy to their hobbies, I know them well and they have the possibility of being successful because they are hardworking guys, to reverse everything, today it is constantly , they are upset and all day they are asking for exits”.

El Piojo also spoke about the criticism received by his physical trainer Giber Becerra at opening 2021 for the injuries they suffered, which did not touch them at the beginning of the Closure 2022 and stressed that time was proving them right.

“The last tournament it was criticized a lot to the people who work in physical preparation, we knew that it was going to cost us because we came to change the rhythm of the game on campus, fortunately the team was assimilating. I can give you an example, having played in CU at 12 noon, a time when no one wants to play and we ended up on top of Pumas, managing to win the game, they and us all cramped up; with Chivas very solid, running, so, without a doubt, that part of the last tournament was attacked and beaten, today they are giving us the fruits to be able to say that the team is physically ready to compete against anyone”, he added.

After fulfilling 20 years of career as a coach this February 17, blacksmith hope i can celebrate them with a championship now as Tigres strategist: “it would be extraordinaryThat’s what we’re looking for, hopefully the boys give me that joy, of course we want to reach those instances every tournament not because I’m 20 years old”.

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