Miguel Herrera raises his hand, again, to direct the Mexican National Team and it’s already boring

Miguel Herrera in 2019, when he directed ó  his last final: America against Rayados.  The Águilas could not champion.  (REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Miguel Herrera in 2019, when he directed his last final: América against Rayados. The Eagles could not win. (REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Miguel Herrera wants to return to the Mexican National Team and he never tires of saying it every time he can. They ask him, it’s true, and that’s why he always brings up the subject in all the interviews they do. And he feels very comfortable with those questions because that way he has the opportunity, again and again, to be the eternal candidate for the Tri’s chair.

Even when Gerardo Martino had health problems, Herrera was there to raise his hand: “Martino is at the gates of Qatar; It would really be a tragedy what has to happen, but if he is not healthy, obviously he would have to step aside”, he released in March of last year in an interview with ESPN, in which he also recalled that he would never close the doors to the National Team He said it again, again, two weeks before the World Cup.

“The people of the Mexican National Team told me ‘since you came out of the national team, your name will always be a common denominator at the table, you will always be with the candidates.’ I have heard a lot that Gerardo Martino is leaving when the World Cup is over. Of course I would. I reiterate, the results did not remove me from the selection either, “he said in another interview with ESPN.

And now, in order not to leave 2023 without the country knowing its purpose, it has done it again. And it went a little further. But first things first: he wants to train the Mexican National Team. “I am very happy for what I have done, for what I have worked to be in the next process, today they can say that I am running because there is no coach in the national team, because I don’t have a job, I know I’m not the only one, it may be that I’m not in that process and I’m aware of what happened”he told in an interview with TUDN.

So far nothing out of this world. Miguel Herrera has been saying that he wants to return to the National Team practically since he was fired (in 2015, for hitting the narrator Christian Martinoli at an airport). It does not matter if there is someone in charge or not (if the chair is empty, better for him). But now he also said that his Mexican National Team, the one for the 2018 World Cup in Brazil, has been “the best ranked” from 1978 to 2022.

Although he recalled that the fifth game was not achieved, he did not miss the opportunity to hang a kind of medal: “Within the classification (general table of each World Cup) from 1978 to here, the best ranked coach is me. I came in with a bomber and we did the things well.” Herrera also said that he is not fighting with TV Azteca, but acknowledged that with Martinoli and Luis García, the two main commentators of that television station, there will never be “good chemistry.”

He does not lie Louse when he says that he entered urgently and, in those terms, he had a good World Cup; which also had a lot of emotion: Ochoa’s saves against Brazil, the victory against Modric’s Croatia, and the “it was not a penalty” as an alibi to justify a game that Mexico lost, precisely, from the blackboard, when the Netherlands swirled in the Mexican area without any solution being offered from the bench.

Mexico reached the same place as always and there is no “classification” that is worth to justify another World Cup in which the fourth game was the limit. El Tri was officially in tenth place in that tournament, but in the end, being in tenth place is the same as being in 16th: the fifth game is still seen from the sidelines. Although, of course, after what was seen in Qatar, everything experienced in 2014 is a paradise.

Herrera wants to direct the Mexican National Team, although his last title was four years ago (Apertura 2018, with América). He left America through the back door and Tigres, too. In Nuevo León he could not win anything or leave a style, despite having an ultra-powerful squad and such important managerial support that all his requests for players were fulfilled. In Tijuana he did well in 2016 and 2017. But he did not win anything and, in the end, what was suspected was confirmed: Xolos was a springboard to return to America. But he later he has not found the springboard to return to his other dream position, that of the National Team. They will keep asking you. He will say the same, although it is already boring to hear him ask for a position for which he has not made merit where it matters most, on the pitch and away from the microphones.


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