Miguel Herrera ran into Martinoli and El Piojo revealed what happened Halftime

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During the process of michael herrera on the Mexican team, christian martinoli was one of its main detractors, which is why in 2015, after the gold Cupwhen they both met at the airport in Philadelphia, United Statesthe strategist tried to hit the commentator of Aztec TVso he had to be stopped by several people.

For their part, the daughters of El Piojo hit Luis Garcia and insulted and pushed Martinoli; When this situation became known, the painful event cost Miguel his position in the three.

Years have passed since that fact and in an interview with Fox Sports, Herrera assured this Monday night that he left that in the past; He even recounted that in the Qatar World Cup 2022in which he was an analyst of TelemundoHe ran into Martinoli on several occasions, as they were in the same hotel.

“That point must be clarified, people think and all the media too, that I fought with a television station and I did not fight with a television station, I have total respect for TV Azteca, like all the media, whether small or small. big, I have always treated them all in the best way. TV Azteca asked me for an interview and I continued to treat them in the same way… it happened with a person, not with the television station,” he said at the beginning, clarifying that there is nothing in his against by Azteca.

“I am not in a fight with TV Azteca, it is a television station that has helped me grow a lot, I had a lot of support from them, I argued and had differences with only one person, I have come across it in several places, in World Cups, in the last World Cup We were in the same hotel, I ran into it several times and absolutely nothing happened, because my head is already thinking about what’s next and not what happened many years ago, it’s something that went down in history, a bad taste in my mouth that I had to get out, but at no time have I thought of resuming that situation… I ran into them in the corridor, elevators, in the stadiums, we were very close and nothing happened; my difference was with Christian Martinoli and not with TV Azteca “.

This is how Herrera assures that he has remained calm when encountering this character, and denying that he has not yet been called to El Tri because the television station has prevented it.

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