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When I was still a technician Tigers, Miguel Herrera He asked Diego Laínez as reinforcement and the club asked for the services of this Mexican; However, a few months have passed and the former from America has not decided to return to la MX League or, at MLSfrom which it is said that he also has clubs interested in his services.

America intended to repatriate him, after this element emigrated at the age of 18 in 2019 to the Real Betis of Spain, but the player and his representative are prioritizing the economic, in such a way that the Eagles they already stepped aside, but those of the UANL they insist.

The problem of Lainez it is that he does not play or the time they give him is very little and precisely, that was what influenced so that Gerardo Martino will cut it from the list for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

This is why he louse herreracandidate to be the new DT of the Tricolor, assures that the best for Lainez is to get out of Old continent and think about resuming his career in Mexico or the United States.

“The situation of Lainez come back or go to MLS It must be the best for him, I don’t know if it’s in his head or that of his representatives, but he has to look to play if he wants to be in force for the next processwhatever coach he is, to resume his career, resume his level, to show many things, they are decisions that do not go through our heads, he would have to be thinking about that and his people too, the decision is theirs if he returns or not came back, Yes, I would have to find a place to play, to get to a team where I can have minutes and demonstrate its quality,” Herrera told halftime.

Herrera has faith in Lainez

Due to the low activity in Betis, Laínez passed in July 2022 to braga, but he was not lucky either, because they did not give him the desired minutes either. With this club, in the Portuguese League He has not played since October 9, while his last participation in Europe was on December 11 in the Allianz Cup.

With the Mexican teamhis most recent participation took place on September 28 before Colombiaa friendly duel in which he barely had 13 minutes on the pitch.

Despite this, herrera He has faith in the 22-year-old, but as long as he adds minutes, because his entire future depends on that.

“Undoubtedly, Lainez It seems to me that if he resumes his participation in games, if the boy begins to play, he begins to show himself on the court, without a doubt, He is a great player, they bought him from Europe for a reason and they paid him very well; (little boy) gimenez He is having a great tournament in Europe, he has a very good physique, in that position the players are becoming scarce”, commented Herrera.

Lainez hurried to emigrate to Europe

When he barely had 39 games in MX League with America, Diego Laínez agreed to emigrate to Europe with the Betissomething that from the point of view of michael herreraIt was a hasty decision.

“We said it at the time, that was his decision and the people who made decisions for him,” said El Piojo, because at that time he told Roberto Gomez Junco who asked Lainez to stay another year, but did not want to follow his advice.

“I told him ‘you need a year, they will come looking for you anyway because you have an impressive qualityyou are a guy with many conditions, wait a year for you to establish yourself well. They are no longer going to come looking for a kid, they are going to look for a head of an important team like the America. Despite that, they came, they paid him very well and he made the decision to leave.”

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