Mike Flanagan confirmed that his prequel to The Shining was not made due to the performance of Doctor Sleep

During the last years mike flanagan has given us several notable pieces of horror such as The Haunting of Hill House Y MidnightMass. However, the great production of the director for the cinema, doctor sleepit was not the success that Warner Bros expected and that would have ended up burying the creator’s projects in the world of The glow.

As you will remember some time ago, Flanagan and Warner Bros were not only planning to make an adaptation of doctor sleepStephen King’s sequel book that operates as a sequel to The glowbut they also wanted to continue delving into that world through another film that would now be a prequel to The glow centered on Dick Hallorannthe character that Scatman Crothers captured in The glow and Carl Lumbly performed in Doctor Sleep.

But that project never materialized and now Flanagan confirmed the reason.

In a tweet about the poster that a fan made thinking about that project, Flanagan regretted that the film did not come to fruition.

“We were VERY CLOSE. I will always regret that this didn’t happen.” wrote the director before explaining the reason for the cancellation of the project. “(The movie did not happen) Due to the box office performance of Doctor Sleep, Warner Bros chose not to continue with it. They control the rights, so that was it.” sentenced.

doctor sleep It premiered in 2019 and led by a cast led by Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson, it grossed $72 million dollars worldwide despite a budget of $45 million dollars.

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