Mike Tyson revealed what he would have done instead of Will Smith after pranking his wife at the Oscars

Tyson also spoke about what happened at the Oscars.

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Several days have passed since the controversial and surprising moment in which Will Smith took the stage at the 2022 Oscars to slap Chris Rock for making a joke in bad taste towards his wife. Mike Tyson, who does not usually shut up at these moments, gave his opinion on what he would have done.

Former boxer Tyson spoke out just after the comment made by former professional wrestler Ric Flair on the Iron Mike podcast.

“I can speak for myself, and I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for Mike. If I don’t like a comment, for whatever reason, that someone said about my wife, I would punch them, not slap them.”Flair declared.

Tyson, born in Fort Greene, New York, went in the same direction as Flair: “If Ric says it’s fake, then it’s fake. I would also be more of a punch.”

He even invited him to eat one of his gummies called Mike Bitessugary and with a touch of cannabis: “I think Will needs to eat some and just relax.”. This treat is shaped like an ear and illustrates Evander Holyfield’s ear that Tyson bit off in 1997.

On the other hand, Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after that awkward situation. He apologized for his action in front of the world, but not Rock. However, he won the Oscar for best actor for his performance in the movie King Richard, in which he played the father of sisters Venus and Serena Williams.

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