Mike Tyson’s Bizarre Bee Outfit Is Triggering Fortnite Fans’ Minds

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games in the community. Moreover, it is famous for its fantastic collaboration between huge franchises like Marvel, Naruto, and DC. Apart from its amazing gameplay, Fortnite is also popular for its unique skins among fans. Currently, fans are excited about the upcoming Naruto character skins in the game.


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Skins are an important part of the game, as they allow players to distinguish between a veteran player and a newbie. Epic Games has also introduced many celebrity skins, such as Ariana Grande, Tom Holland, Neymar Jr., and John Wick. Since major celebrity collaboration is not a big deal in Fortnite, recently many fans have called Mike Tyson’s TikTok outfit as an upcoming skin in the game.

Keep reading to find out if Mike Tyson is really making his Fortnite universe debut.


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Fortnite fans consider Mike Tyson a Fortnite skin in his latest TikTok video

Michael Gerard Tyson is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. Due to his incredible performances early in his career, he was nicknamed “Iron Mike” and “Kid Dynamite”. At the height of his career, Tylor was one of the wealthiest boxers in the world.

Mike Tyson Hotboxin podcast

Interestingly, Mike Tyson was found dancing in a bee costume in a recent TikTok video. Shortly after, a popular Fortnite leaker claimed Mike’s dance move and costume as the “Leaked Fortnite Skin & Emote”. Indeed, many fans joined in the conversation and started talking about Mike Tyson’s supposed fake skin.

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One fan joked how excited they were to get their hands on the leaked Mike Tyson skin. His tweet Lily, “I need this skin!!! Mike Tyson Bumblebee skin plus emote… Take my VBucks now! While another fan claimed he wasn’t interested in the skin until it came with a pickaxe.

The tweet Lily, “I hope not, unless it comes with a pickaxe which is a mouth on the end of a handle biting off an ear.” Interestingly, several fans posted funny GIFs of Mike Tyson to support the ongoing false rumors.

Lastly, some fans also showed their excitement over Mike Tyson’s costume and dance moves.


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While it was very humorous for the community to band together, it wouldn’t be surprising if Mike Tyson really made his Fortnite debut. It would be amazing to see an “Iron Mike” skin in Fortnite for several boxing fans. What do you think of the community’s reaction to Mike Tyson’s bee suit? Let us know in the comments below.

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